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Why I LOVE artificial flowers

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I know what you’re thinking… they aren’t real flowers! They don’t smell right! Everyone will know they’re artificial! Artificial flowers are what brides have when they can’t afford real flowers!

But you’re wrong – in the nicest way possible!

The flowers I use are beautiful. They are extremely high quality and made from silk or latex. Latex?? Yes, latex! It’s not the kind of latex used for clothing or coverings – it’s so thin and beautiful and each petal looks and feels like a petal you’ve just plucked from a rose in the garden.

(Photographs by Helen England Photography – cropped and zoomed)

Real flowers are beautiful, but they have a short lifespan, limited durability, are restricted by the time of year they are in season and are prepared and delivered at the last minute.

If you decide to preserve your wedding bouquet, it’s expensive. A professional is really the only way to go – we’ve all tried to dry flowers in the airing cupboard or press them under a load of books and it doesn’t work. You need a skilled professional to do it for you properly and with skills like these, comes a high price tag. If you have artificial flowers for your big day, then all you need to do is take them home with you!

Artificial flower arrangements, when designed and created correctly will look just as good as real flowers in your wedding photos – especially when they are real touch flowers like those used by SJS Special Occasions.

Your flowers will last forever - no further expenses incurred by trying to preserve them.

Artificial flowers are available in a vast array of colours and are always in season.

Your wedding bouquet will be lighter to carry as the flowers themselves are lighter and there is no added weight from the water needed to stop them drooping.

Artificial flowers can take crystals, glitter and any other embellishments without bruising, damaging or deadheading which guarantees you’ll get the look you want for the entire day and they’ll look just as good years down the line!

Your flowers can be made and delivered ahead of time which takes away one of your wedding morning’s stresses.

They are suitable for travelling if you have a destination wedding or long-distance occasion.

You don’t need water or temperature-controlled environments to ensure that they look their best.

I wire and fix every stem, so you won’t need to worry about any of your arrangements coming apart.

As an added bonus, they will not make anyone in your party sneeze!

SJS Special Occasions will give you progress updates ahead of delivery for your flowers which means that if there is anything you want to change, you can!

At the end of the day, if you want real flowers then more ‘flower’ power to you! It’s your day and you should have what you want… Just make sure that you want them for the right reasons. Consider the options… work out what works for you. I guarantee that if you are only using real flowers because “that’s what you should use” or because your mum told you to or even because of the smell then consider the benefits having artificial.

Good artificial flowers will look just as good in your photographs. They will look just as good as you’re walking down the aisle. They will look just as good when you’re checking to see if your new hubby has his buttonhole on correctly – or is it just detail freaks like me that look at that?!? Lol.

If the only reason you are having real flowers is because of the smell then allow me to tell you that bouquets in the middle ages were used for two reasons... one was to drive away evil spirits and the second was to mask the smell of body odour!!! We have come a long way since the middle ages in everything, including personal hygiene! We no longer need a pleasant-smelling bouquet of flowers to cover up the fact that we smell!

If you take anything away from reading this blog let it be that artificial flowers deserve a chance to come out of the ‘dusty’ closet. They’re no longer the old, tired, dusty looking flowers that your Nan had in a vase in the corner of her living room. They are beautiful and they will last forever… they’re the ultimate keepsake from your special day.


(Photograph by Helen England Photography)

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