Real flowers have a short lifespan, limited durability, are expensive should you decide to try to preserve them, are restricted by the time of year they are in season and are prepared and delivered at the last minute.

Artificial flowers, when designed and created correctly:

  • will look just as good as real flowers in your wedding photos – especially when they are real touch flowers used by SJS Special Occasions

  • last forever - no further expenses incurred by trying to preserve them

  • are available in a vast array of colours

  • are always in season

  • are lighter to carry (depending on the size)

  • can take crystals, glitter and any other embellishments without bruising, damaging or de-heading

  • can be made ahead of time

  • are suitable for travelling if you have a destination wedding or long-distance occasion

  • don’t need water or temperature-controlled environments

  • will not make anyone in your party sneeze!

The biggest point is….

I don’t work from a template. 

I will work with you to give you the design you want.  I can meet with you in advance of the date of your special occasion, whether in person or on-line, to show you what has been created.  That way if you want anything changed or want to just see them to put your mind at rest there will be time.  The important thing to me is being able to take just a little bit of stress away from you in the run up to your big occasion!