Weddings Price List

As all of my designs are original and specific to you it is difficult to list prices.  Below is a guide to help you get an idea.  Please contact me for a free no-obligation consultation and, once I have discussed your needs with you, I will provide a no-obligation quote.  I use a mixture of real touch flowers and silk flowers in my creations and can discuss which works best for you during the consultation.  If there is anything you do not see in the below list, please ask and I will endeavour to provide it for you.

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Bridal Bouquet

from £70 to £200

Head peices

from £30

Cake Decoration to match your other flowers

from £40

Sign Decorations

from £40


from £40


from £30 to £150

Flower collar or bowtie for your four-legged friend

from £30

Chair Decorations 

from £10


from £8

Ceremony Table / Altar Arrangement   

from £100


from £30

Aisle Petals

from £30


from £10

Flower Girls

from £30

Wedding Arch Decoration 

from £150

Anything else? Just ask me!


If you are making a large order to cover all of your décor needs, I will work out a package deal for you which will save you more money than if you ordered items individually.